Status of Women and Girls – Geneviève Jeanson to the House of Commons Standing Committee

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Thank you madam Chair, I feel very fortunate to have been invited before the Committee to tell my story, because you all have a part in the safeguarding of athletes, and are extremely important in the development of the future generation of athletes. Please understand that what I’m going to speak about today are only my own experiences, and everything I say here is my personal opinion. I hope my testimony can give you insights on what can happen in the world sport, how abuse can take form, and the long term consequences of that abuse. For the sake of expediency, I’m going directly to the unedited version of my story – hence the blunt terminology.   For the purpose…

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Have I reached the point where I have to file a complaint?

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The present blog, the second in a series of two, originates from the implementation of the Integration Protection Policy in Sports, launched on February 1, 2021.  After more than one year of existence, the Sport’Aide team deemed it pertinent to discuss the reactions and behaviours of the various stakeholders in terms of the implementation of this tool made available to the Quebec sports community. The following fictional story is based on actual witness testimonies. I had been thinking about it for some time already. Weeks became months that I suffered and endured the behaviour of someone in my sports entourage. At first, I tried not to let the derogatory remarks affect me too much. The fact that my teammates didn’t…

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