Hello, it’s Anne-Marie, I am a synchronized swimmer… When sport alone defines us, what happens “after”?

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About ten years ago, I was part of the national synchronized swimming team, now called artistic swimming. I trained at the Institut National du Sport du Québec in Montreal, for 40 to 50 hours each week. I liked what I was doing. No, in fact I LOVED synchronized swimming since it was more than a passion. It was my ENTIRE life! Then things changed, I started having tough times at training. I was told that I wasn’t thin enough. Not tall enough. Not enough like the others. Then I got injured. That was before I started having doubts about myself and started to lose confidence… to finally reach the point where I wondered what I was doing there. Doubting myself…

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The Adventures of Cindy : A Book by Sport’Aide

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Last February, Sport’Aide launched The Adventures of Cindy, an educational book based on comic strips published for the past two years in Les Explorateurs magazine. These rewritten comic strips contain the unwritten story of Cindy Ouellet: A true story worthy of the greatest Marvel heroes. The Adventures of Cindy has it all: hardships , resilience and strength of character. The book’s originality was designed to give the readers a tool to go with the reading and discussion to ensure that the exercise is both educational and fun.

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