Inclusion Approach

The Inclusion Approach was developed to provide members of the sport community with the tools they need to be inclusive of diversity in sport. The intention behind this new approach is to allow everyone to recognize themselves, to feel welcome and at ease in the sport context. Sport’Aide’s first mandate is to promote the inclusion of trans people in sport at all levels of participation. Therefore, you will find a toolkit to explore the trans reality in sport and to identify actions to take in your contexts. If you need to adapt any of the tools or fact sheets below, please contact Sport’Aide by phone at 1 833 245-HELP (4357)

The pioneers of the Inclusion approach

What they think of the Inclusion approach

"The different people involved on the baseball bench, on the field hockey bench, on the basketball bench must not tolerate this situation [verbal insults, on the field and from one bench to another]. As soon as the young people understand that, for you as a coach, this situation is a zero tolerance, I think that it makes it easier for this situation to stop. It is certain that if [...] as a coach, a youth coach, you yourself have this kind of behaviour, it will not help the situation. Coaches have to be educated about this, they have to be made aware of this and there has to be a zero tolerance within your team.”

Gaétan GagnonHead coach of the Dragons of Collège Laflèche

"I think that the sport environment should be more inclusive, welcoming and willing to live with people's differences. Then necessarily that also means that we have to equip ourselves to be able to do that."

Steeve AgerCoach of the « Aigles of Trois-Rivières Eagles » and Executive Director of the Réseau des Unités Régionales de Loisir et Sport du Québec

"Sport is a need, and the number of people who do not participate in sport because they are different is too many, there are just too many [...] It is important to make room for them in sport, because it can make a difference in one's life, frankly.”

Victoria LachanceTrans baseball player for the “Aigles of Trois-Rivières, Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League

"The Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League is pleased to partner with Sport'Aide in this mobilization around a cause as important as openness to diversity in sports. With its "Inclusion" approach, Sport'Aide assumes an important leadership role in the Quebec sport community.”

Rodger Brulotte President of the Quebec junior elite baseball league

Inclusion Approach Toolkit Library

Toolkit library



  • Antony and Charlotte comic strip
  • Behaviors to adopt
  • Behaviors to avoid
  • Legitimizing your emotions
  • Myths about the inclusion of trans athletes
  • Sport’Aide’s checklist of actions
  • Victoria Lachance
  • Valentina Cagna


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