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21 September 2020

When theory becomes practice: testimonials by diving coaches in their quest for well-being

Further to our series of blogs published as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport’Aide wants to share with you a recent incident on the field experienced by a partner– Plongeon Québec – which wants to support its coaches in this unique context. So, let's make room for the third blog in an interesting series which summarizes this great initiative which deserves to be known – indeed – repeated elsewhere. (more…)
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CoachesCOVID-19For everyone
17 September 2020

Putting well-being before performance, with Jean-Paul Richard

Automatic support As former coach of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team and co-founder of reROOT collectif, Jean-Paul Richard felt a great deal of empathy for diving coaches at the start of the pandemic. Let’s just say that the responsibilities of a coach who is preparing the succession and the feeling of being in the last stretch in preparing for the Olympic Games is something he can easily relate to, since he has been in this situation more than once. Since he can easily put himself in their shoes, he instinctively wanted to help. The important thing for him was to support the sporting community while recognizing and intervening in order to favour the well-being of coaches in this period of…
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24 April 2020

Isolated coaches: what role should you play with your athletes?

In the sports community, coaches are among the people most affected by this pandemic and isolation, synonymous with an abrupt halt to training sessions and the competition season for a still as yet indeterminate period. For coaches, the emotional and financial costs are similar to those of parents with the added disappointment of not being able to fulfil their role, which for many of them represents their career, their livelihood, their professional identity and their passion. Each coach is living through this situation according to their aspirations, the level of each athlete and their level of commitment. But all trainers are probably wondering what they can do to support their athletes during the coming weeks. Take care of yourself first…
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