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21 May 2021

Potential return to practicing sports – Sport’Aide calls for prudence

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sport’Aide has expanded and adapted its support offer to the Quebec sporting community. (more…)
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9 November 2020

Sportsmanship and respect for rights

Sport’Aide has been newly identified as Bearer of Children's Right. The mobilization of more than 70 organizations will take advantage of the month of November to emphasize the rights of children. As part of this month, Sport’Aide proposes that you reflect on the tension between sport culture and that of human rights which is the basis for children’s rights. (more…)
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21 September 2020

When theory becomes practice: testimonials by diving coaches in their quest for well-being

Further to our series of blogs published as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sport’Aide wants to share with you a recent incident on the field experienced by a partner– Plongeon Québec – which wants to support its coaches in this unique context. So, let's make room for the third blog in an interesting series which summarizes this great initiative which deserves to be known – indeed – repeated elsewhere. (more…)
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17 September 2020

Putting well-being before performance, with Jean-Paul Richard

Automatic support As former coach of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team and co-founder of reROOT collectif, Jean-Paul Richard felt a great deal of empathy for diving coaches at the start of the pandemic. Let’s just say that the responsibilities of a coach who is preparing the succession and the feeling of being in the last stretch in preparing for the Olympic Games is something he can easily relate to, since he has been in this situation more than once. Since he can easily put himself in their shoes, he instinctively wanted to help. The important thing for him was to support the sporting community while recognizing and intervening in order to favour the well-being of coaches in this period of…
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COVID-19For everyone
14 September 2020

Outstanding Performance Must Start With Wellness

Further to its COVID-19 blog series, Sport’Aide is pleased to share a moving account by one of its partners, Plongeon Québec, outlining that group’s recent efforts to support diving coaches in this unique pandemic environment. Here’s the first of an interesting series of blogs about a great initiative that deserves to be better known and even emulated elsewhere. (more…)
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For everyone
8 September 2020

Sexual violence in sport (3) – Their Safety, OUR Responsibility!

In our last blog, we discussed sexual abuse and the grooming process in sport, more specifically by people in position of authority. We mentioned then that some individuals are more prone to be the victim of sexual violence than others. Today’s post deals with risk factors relating to this type of violence and lays out what stakeholders in the sport world should do to help prevent such situations. All the information discussed in this text is taken from Chapter 8 of the Rapport Québécois sur la Violence et la Santé of Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec (Parent & Fortier, 2018). Risk factors are generally inherent in a personal, organizational or socio-cultural condition that potentially increases a person’s vulnerability,…
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5 August 2020

Sexual violence in sport (2) – Prevention is better than reaction

The first blog of this triad reported on the current situation in terms of sexual violence in a sporting context and putting certain aspects into perspective. The purpose of this blog is to share the understanding of such a phenomenon so that all players that evolve in the sports world can take preventive action. (more…)
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