Since the beginning of the pandemic, Sport’Aide has expanded and adapted its support offer to the Quebec sporting community. In this context, the intervenors in our lending an ear service have been able to take the pulse of the population. That is why, with the approaching summer which is tantalizing us with a potential return to practicing sports, Sport’Aide believes that, in addition to respecting public health measures, you should remain cautious, and manage your expectations according to the rate of recovery of activities.

Gradual reccovery

For our young athletes themselves who will likely be excited (which is quite understandable) to catch up with their friends and return to their sport, the temptation will be great to jump back in body and soul. The support of their coaches and loved ones will also be important to favour a gradual recovery and avoid the injuries, overtraining, eating disorders and burnout which could occur after a period of relative inactivity.

Return to safe and secure play

For coaches, very limited in their duties since March 2020, their enthusiasm to get back to their routine and their role with their young athletes may lead them to want to push hard to stack up training hours and matches to make up for “lost time”. We call for caution, since as we previously mentioned, your athletes are counting on your good judgement to guide their return to play in a safe and healthy manner.

Pay attention to our volunteers

For the administrators of sports organizations deprived of activities and substantial income for over a year, this return to play could incite them to move forward quickly and hold events to replenish their coffers. Caution is also required here, because you will first likely have to find new staff, since many volunteers left due to burnout or were demotivated by the prevailing context. Given this anticipated lack of resources, a rushed recovery could worsen this shortage, which is already having a strong impact on the field.

Accept that it won’t be like before

Finally, to you dear parents, we know that COVID generated a multitude of changes and adaptations which, combined with this sporting inactivity, may have become a source of disappointment or frustration. Even though this return is expected, we ask that you moderate your expectations to avoid placing undue pressure on our young athletes, their coaches and our organizations which will need a certain amount of time before they recover their momentum. In short, in the coming weeks, you will have the opportunity as parents to play an important role by supporting this resumption of activities.

On that note, the entire Sport’Aide teams wishes you a great summer! 🙂 🙂