1. Name and address of the organization :

2500 Jean-Perrin #265, Québec, Qc, G2C 1X1
Website : www.sportaide.ca
Help line : 1 833-211-2433
Administration number : 418 780-2002
Via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sportaide

2. Our mission’s description :

Sport’Aide’s mission is to provide leadership in the implementation of initiatives that promote a healthy, safe and harmonious sport environment for young athletes in Quebec and to provide support services to the various players in the sport community, both at the elite and recreational levels.

3. Values :

Pleasure : Encourage enriching and formative sports experiences.
Respect : Act in compliance with rules, rights and values.
Attention : Hear and make the voices of our young athletes heard.
Solidarity : Mobilize and act together to support young athletes.

4. Our services’ description :

We offer assistance, listening, support and guidance to athletes, but also to the various actors of the Quebec sport world (parents, coaches, sport organizations, officials and volunteers) who witness or are victims of violence or problematic or inadequate situations in their sport environment via our help line at 1 833-211-2433 or at 1 833-245-4357 for service in English. This includes any situation or behaviour in sport that has the potential to or does adversely affect the health (physical and mental), safety and well-being of athletes in sport or that violates their human rights. These situations or behaviours can be linked to certain aspects of the sport culture, to certain structures present in sport, to relationships between individuals as well as to behaviours of the athlete himself. Violence can therefore be direct or indirect, can evolve over time, does not necessarily include one person acting and does not always imply an intention to harm or hurt.

Our approach is to help callers regain power over the problematic or worrying situation according to their needs, expectations and capacity for action. We do not, however, provide physical accompaniment or representation of victims. Sport’Aide does not handle complaints, but refers callers to the appropriate mechanisms for their situation.

5. Our commitments :

  • To provide professional help at all times (24/7) via our help line
  • To offer confidentiality (to the extent established by law)
  • To respect anonymity for those who wish to remain anonymous
  • To respect the ability to act and non-judgment

6. Our complaint handling process :

The following is our organization’s complaint handling procedure as it relates to the services we provide :

  • The person responsible for receiving complaints : Sylvain Croteau (GD)
  • To submit a complaint : Send an email to s.croteau@sportaide.ca with a detailed description of the facts reproached with the date on which it occurred. To facilitate the processing of your complaint, we invite you to leave your name and contact information so that we can reach you if necessary to obtain more information on the situation and to inform you of the outcome of the complaint.
  • We are committed to informing all complainants of the outcome of their complaint within a maximum of 20 working days.

7. Service Declaration adoption’s date : June 30th 2022